Energy Consulting Group

Meeting Your Needs

We tailor solutions for our clients, enhancing strategic relationships through design, engineering, project and materials management.

From Start To Finish

ECG offers single-source solutions for complex projects. With our deep-rooted experience and comprehensive resources, we are advancing processes from engineering and design solutions through records retention.

Our Expert Team

Our experts give each client an extensive overall scope of their products. We test each idea through reliable full-scale production, which translates into higher constructibility, dependability, and quality on every project.

About Us

The Energy Consulting Group formed in 2017 to provide commercial expertise to gas & electric distribution utilities. ECG helps the industry by offering a unique perspective of the utility services side of the business and shedding often hidden light on the contractor side. Their service has provided insight on methods to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Repeatable. Sustainable. Better.

Our Team


Mike Kemper



Mark Soetenga

Senior Vice President


Wayne R. Gould

Senior Vice President

Core Solution Offerings

Current State - Independent Operational Assessment
  • Existing Contractor Strategy Review
  • Internal Roles and Relationship
  • Comprehensive Gap Analysis
Relationship/Bid Strategy
  • Contract Design
  • Pricing/Cost Sharing
  • Performance Metrics/Dashboard
Procurement/Supply Chain Support
  • Bidder Selection
  • RFP Management
  • Contract Award
Relationship Management
  • Valuation/Validation
  • Roles and Relationships Management
Prudency and Regulatory Support
  • Prudency Support
  • Regulatory Program Monitoring
  • Metrics Management

Core Purpose

To change the value of contracting services
within the utility infrastructure industry.


Value | Cost-Effective | Engineering
Construction | Operational | Solutions
Safety | Quality | Reliability
ECG is a premier utility consultant, helping clients find and implement the best value engineering, construction and operational solutions with safety, quality, and reliability.


ECG is meeting the needs of the utility industry by:

  • Providing strategic solutions to the ever-increasing demands for cost-effective utility-related engineering, construction and O&M services; and
  • Advocating and implementing the adoption of strategic, long-term, service provider relationships between its utility clients and contracted service providers.

Unlike other consultants, ECG has extensive industry experience and the financial backing of one of the world’s largest utility construction companies. No other consultancy has the practical and hard-earned expertise required to cost-effectively offer these services.


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